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  1. 2 Year Transformation
    2 Year Transformation
    A lot of work and patience went into this change, and I'm still pushing for improvements.
  2. Bench
    My worst lift by far, it's still super important that everyone trains EVERY muscle group
  3. Variety is key
    Variety is key
    Sometimes it's nice to spice up your routine with something a little different and challenging
  4. Delts!
    Rear delts are a hard one to hit, but make all the difference in building round, shapely shoulders
  5. Working Face
    Working Face
    Yes, this is what the last few reps should look like!
  6. A+ for effort
    A+ for effort
    Two of my amazing clients who've already lost over 5 kilos in a matter of weeks! Super proud!
  7. Boxing
    Getting children into health and fitness young is key to a healthy happy life!